Ship chilled wine safely during summer months via eco-friendly cartons

Ship chilled wine safely during summer months via eco-friendly cartons

To help wineries and wine fulfillment houses ease the concern of customers about the integrity of their orders during warm summer months, Thermal Packaging Products introduces Chilled Wine Shipper, a temperature-control shipping carton made with eco-preferable insulated padding and materials that will keep chilled wine cool.
The cushioning carton liner features ultra-insulating padding made from select, purified recycled biodegradable super-absorbent cotton-enhanced textile fibers sandwiched between an inner layer and an outer layer of poly film sealed on all sides. The inner surface of the poly film is perforated to allow condensation from the refrigerant to wick away and be absorbed into the cotton fibers, protecting bottle labels. This poly film contains an additive that promotes biodegradation in greater than one year as tested by ASTM 5511.
The flexible cushioning ultra-insulation padding also contains a special antimicrobial that helps prevent cross-contamination and is programmed to expire after a desired length of time to allow an eventual degradation of the Wine Shipper. Enhanced cotton insulation will completely biodegrade in less than one year and meets current FTC Green Guidelines as tested by ASTM D-6400. The poly film contains an additive that promotes biodegradation in a landfill environment in greater that one year as tested by ASTM D5511.
Engineered heavy corrugated separators prevent shifting of bottles during transport and handling. Patented cooling chambers permit adjustable amounts of refrigerants to control temperature requirements. The durable perforated poly film encapsulating the cotton insulation allows unwanted moisture or spills to be wicked away—protecting bottle labels.
Products are available in four- and six-bottle complete systems or custom-size liners to fit existing shipping cartons. Four-Bottle Shippers have one extra refrigerant cooling chamber and Six-Bottle Shippers have two refrigerant cooling chambers for added temperature control during shipments.
MP Global Thermal Packaging Products is a division of MP Global Products, headquartered in Norfolk NE. For more details, access or call 402-371-0755.

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