Surface Mount Dock Lifts offer convenience without a pit required

Surface Mount Dock Lifts offer convenience without a pit required

Southworth Products Corp’s new Surface Mount Dock Lifts provide users all the convenience and versatility of a permanent scissor dock lift without the expense or hassle of digging a pit, making them ideal for leased or temporary buildings.
With a lowered height of 5 inches and fully raised height of 58 inches, the Surface Mount Dock Lift can access loads on truck beds of any height and transfer them to a fixed height loading dock or to grade level. A built-in 30-inch ramp creates a gentle 9-degree slope, providing easy pallet jack accessibility. Diamondtread on the deck, bridge plate, and access ramp also promote excellent traction.
Designated the SMDDL, this lift features an extra-wide base and plate rollers for increased stability throughout the travel range. Models are available in 4,000-, 5,000, and 6,000-lb weight capacities with platform sizes of 6 feet x 6 feet or 6 feet x 8 feet. Heavy tubular legs and crossmembers minimize deflection and provide level handling of off-center loads. The unit’s hydraulic system uses biodegradable fluid to eliminate potential environmental hazards. An optional portability package for easy relocation of the lift is available.
Other features include: pushbutton control with keyed lockout; fully adjustable downspeed; velocity fuse protection; and lubricated-for-life pins, rollers and bushings. These lifts come with a two-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year structural warranty.
All Southworth dock lifts meet or exceed ANSI Standard MH29.1, Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissors Lifts.
For more information, phone 207-878-0700 or access the website at

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