Track-It RFID data loggers provide option for complying with FSMA

Track-It RFID data loggers provide option for complying with FSMA

Monarch Instrument is offering its Track-It RFID temperature and temperature/humidity data loggers.

Track-It data loggers have been well-received by the temperature-sensitive transportation market and provides a low-cost option for proving compliance with the upcoming Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA).

The Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food’s requirements in section 1.906(d)  “ Requires  that each freezer .... in vehicles or transportation equipped with.... a temperature-recording device so installed as to show the temperature accurately within the compartment.”

All of Monarch’s Track-It loggers come with free graphing and data analysis software and a free Android app for NFC smartphones and tablets.

Track-It RFID data loggers are battery-powered standalone compact devices that record from 22.5 hours to 337.5 days of temperature or temperature and humidity data. Wireless RFID technology makes it ideally suited for use in supply chain monitoring applications. The compact water-resistant (IP65) enclosure contains an RFID antenna that allows the unit to be configured and data transferred wirelessly.

These loggers can be affixed to the inside of a shipping carton and scanned without opening the carton. This gives full access to data without sacrificing the integrity of package contents. Use an Android device with Near Field Communication and the free Track-It Android application to quickly scan a package to determine if there are any alarms. If alarms are present, data can be quickly downloaded and viewed on an Android device, or you can choose to email it directly from your device for immediate review at another location.

Data can also be downloaded and reviewed using the optional RFID docking station and free Windows-based Track-It software.

Purchase an optional high-temperature battery to extend the temperature range from 60° C (140° F) to 80° C (176° F).

Go to or call 603-883-3390 for more information.

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