Transforcool Industries all-composite reefer trailer comes to America

Transforcool Industries recently introduced its all-composite refrigerated semi-trailer for the North American market.

A body builder specializing in refrigerated vehicles of all sizes—from cargo van to semi-trailer—Transforcool is the exclusive North American distributor of Lamberet, provider of temperature-controlled vehicles in Europe.

This new model of semi-trailer in Canada is the result of years of experience, research and development by Lamberet. The all-composite trailer is designed to meet the highest international standards, and the needs of the distribution industry: intensive urban delivery cycles, with a floor weight rating up to 32,000 lbs.

Benefits of this trailer include:

•High superior insulation, water repellent (metal-free, corrosion-free)


•Designed according to HACCP guidelines, meet the most severe standard including the ATP (Agreement on Transport of Perishable Goods) certification.

•High durability—to become a ATP certified product, the panels must maintain their insulating properties for a period up to 12 years with technical verifications of the vehicle after six and nine years

•Less reefer unit operational time reduces consumption, wear and tear, and maintenance costs

•Easy maintenance

•Ergonomic solutions for loaders and truckers

•The highest floor rating in Canada—32,000 ft-lbs

•Control of temperature to the degree

•Zero HCFC and lower emissions of CO2

The 36-foot refrigerated semi-trailer includes:

•Sliding side doors

•Mobile partition—full width

•Side guards

•Alumium fuel tank with double opening

•K32 Whiting rear roll-up door (galvanized rail)

•Bär Cargolift BC 2000 R42 tailgate

•BlueSeal Air curtain—Brightec

See for more information.

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