Trucker Tough line provides answers for mobile device mounting

Trucker Tough line provides answers for mobile device mounting

Bracketron has launched the Trucker Tough line to cater to those who need a tougher, more rugged mounting option for their mobile devices.
Offering three mount options—the JawGrip, Tough Tablet, and Tough GPS—the Trucker Tough series caters to virtually any mobile device. For those who spend their lives on the road, the Trucker Tough lineup allows for continued connectivity for long trips.
Each Trucker Tough product comes equipped with a sturdy Temporbond suction cup base, meaning it sticks to almost any clean cab surface without the need for a permanent mounting disc. For the Trucker Tough series, Bracketron chose to customize three different mounts, ensuring a tailored fit depending on the device.
The JawGrip serves as an ultimate mounting solution for smartphone devices. Complete with a tight spring action device holder, it minimizes road-induced vibration. Easily maneuverable for portrait or landscape orientation, the JawGrip allows for easy one-handed use. It is universal for devices up to 5 inches diagonally, extending its range to include MP3 players and small GPS devices. The sturdy Temporbond cup sports more power than traditional suction cups. As a result, the versatile mount can be placed on the front of the dash, top of the dash, or the windshield.
This lineup also includes the Tough GPS Mount to hold GPS units measuring up to 7 inches diagonally and includes adapters for most commercial truck GPS systems. For those using their tablet during long trips on the road, the Tough Tablet Mount provides ultimate device security, while simultaneously allowing full access to all buttons and controls. The mount’s multi-position arm allows the tablet to rest on top of, or even below, the dashboard. The entire Trucker Tough lineup is backed by a lifetime warranty.
The Trucker Tough series also comes with an array of optional accessories. These accessories include the Micro USB & Apple Lighting Charge/Sync Cables, which sport a vintage cloth design. Other accessories include the Ballistic Bullet Chargers for drivers who need 12-volt to USB to charge and power devices; the Mighty Hook for drivers and passengers to hang virtually anything; and the HeadsetRest, which provides a holding place for a Bluetooth headset and includes a safety bar to keep the headset secure.
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