Vapster-Diesel products can cut fuel usage on all types of diesel engines

Vapster-Diesel products can cut fuel usage on all types of diesel engines

Vapster-Diesel manufactures and installs fuel-saving equipment (dual system fuel catalysts) on all types of diesel engines from 2.0 to 14.0 liters.
The firm’s Maximo Diesel RV-3300 series is specifically engineered for Thermo King and Carrier Transicold refrigerated unit engines used on 53-foot and shorter reefer trailers.
Vapster-Diesel  units have the benefits of zero maintenance, 15-year useful life, fuel savings up to 20% and more, reduced emissions including nitrogen oxides (NOx), six to nine months for return on investment (ROI), easy aftermarket installation, and retrofits using existing engine components.
The company believes so much in its products that it provides a money-back guarantee to the customer if he or she doesn’t save a minimum of 8% over baseline numbers.
The Maximo Diesel RV-3300 series has been operating in the field for more than three years on numerous refrigerated trailers with zero mechanical issues. These products have been thoroughly tested for fuel efficiency and emission reductions by qualified third-party testing facilities including Florida Atlantic University and Wyotech Technical College.
Customers that have provided us with long-term fuel data results (more than six months) have shown fuel savings in the 20%+ range over the baseline of similar use without these products. This translates into money saved at the pump at $200-300 per month per reefer.
This is calculated as follows: 440 hours run time per month x .8 gal. per hour for baseline x $3.90/gallon diesel = $1,372. Fuel consumed using the Maximo Diesel RV-3300 at the same reefer settings and hours and the same types of haul loads and routes: 440 hours x .62 gal. per hour x $3.90/gallon diesel = $1,064. This totals fuel savings of $308 in one month. Individual results will vary depending on maintenance of reefer unit, reefer settings, and the number of times rear doors are opened during deliveries.
Vapster-Diesel  products are also in the application process with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).
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