Big Joe introduces pallet trucks

Big Joe introduces pallet trucks

Big Joe recently introduced several new versions of the WPT45 powered pallet truck. The new WPT45-S model features improved maneuverability for use in tight areas, while versions have been developed to handle challenges presented by refrigerated warehouses and busy transportation hubs.

The WPT45-S has been specifically engineered to handle 48"-long GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets in the smallest area possible. This is desirable for logistics operations wanting to reduce unload times and maximize trailer volumes. The WPT45-S features short 45.5" forks, a narrow 8" battery compartment, and corresponding shorter overall wheelbase to enhance maneuverability. While able to carry up to 4,500 lbs, the WPT45-S can deposit loads sideways inside a standard 2.6-meter box trailer.

For operations that involve moving product in and out of refrigerated warehouses, an optional “cold storage” package has been introduced on WPT45 series pallet trucks. Thermostatically controlled heaters included in the package keep sensitive electronics and bearings warm, reducing the potential for condensation damage that can occur when transiting between environments of differing temperature.

For heavy users such as transportation hubs, all Big Joe WPT45 series pallet trucks can now be outfitted with a new AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) maintenance-free battery pack. This 224 AH pack improves vehicle run-time by more than 20% and includes an integral charger that can plug into any standard 110-volt outlet. Compared with the Gel-type batteries many manufacturers provide, AGM batteries are more resistant to the vibrations that occur in heavy dock use, reducing long-term operating costs and enhancing reliability in such applications.

Incorporating an AC drive motor and controller technology, WPT45 series pallet trucks were introduced in spring 2010. They are readily available throughout North America from more than 20 stocking locations.

Managed by Big Lift LLC of Lombard IL, Big Joe plans to launch several new models in 2011. For more information, visit

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