Cat provides electric pneumatic tire lift trucks

Cat provides electric pneumatic tire lift trucks

Cat Lift Trucks has introduced the next generation of its 5,000- to 6,500-lb-capacity electric pneumatic tire lift trucks. Equipped with AC technology, the new 2EPC5000–2EP6500 Series features improved energy efficiency, superior performance levels, and premium operator ergonomics.

These durable 80-volt electric pneumatic tire lift trucks can deliver performance similar to (or better than) an internal combustion (IC) lift truck with all of the benefits of an electric lift truck, including an emission level reduction to almost zero and a reduction in overall maintenance costs.

The new electric pneumatic tire lift trucks also include these features and benefits:

•Increased energy efficiency and performance—The new model allows operators the ability to run up to two shifts on one battery charge in most applications and also provides a 10% increase in energy efficiency over the previous generation. Also equipped with three-phase AC technology, the mid-size electric pneumatic tire lift trucks provide exceptional acceleration and top speed capabilities.

•Designed for durability—Equipped with sealed wet-disc brakes, electrical components, and connectors, the new series is built with added protection for harsh, dusty, and moist environments.

•Enhanced operator comfort—Operators will experience a comfortable ride on rough or uneven floors with the combination of solid pneumatic tires, full-suspension seat, and floating cabin. The adjustable operator compartment and standard fingertip hydraulic controls also allow the operator to be as comfortable in the eighth hour of the shift as in the first hour. For added comfort, the new lift truck model can also be equipped with an optional enclosed cabin.

Customers who purchase a new 2EPC5000–2EP6500 lift truck by April 30, 2012, may also benefit from the Cat Lift Trucks Power Redefined rebate. This provides a $500 rebate on the purchase or lease of any new electric counterbalanced Cat lift truck. View the complete rules and regulations of this rebate at Visitors to the site can also access a free lift truck cost calculator tool, which compares cost savings of electric and IC lift trucks.

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