Crown FC 4500 Series forklift truck showcases fuel cell innovation

Crown FC 4500 Series forklift truck showcases fuel cell innovation

At the recent Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium, forklift manufacturer Crown Equipment Corporation demonstrated how emerging fuel cell technology can be used to power industrial vehicles, including Crown lift trucks. On display at the symposium was a fuel cell-powered Crown FC 4500 Series counterbalanced forklift used by a Parma OH-based manufacturer.

The FC 4500 Series counterbalanced forklift truck comes in 4,000-, 5,000-, 5,500-, and 6,000-lb capacities. Engineered and manufactured to deliver reliable performance, it features Technovation—a fusion of technology and innovation.

Powered by a 36- or 48-volt power system, the truck offers Crown’s transverse design drive unit with in-line gears, which is backed by a two-year warranty. A 11.4-inch-diameter, AC traction motor supplies power, without strain, even in tough applications.

An infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel column allows better positioning and comfort. The steering column is offset to the left for proper positioning of left-hand steering. It is only four inches wide, improving visibility, and is sculpted to allow more knee room.

Crown’s full-circle power disc brakes provide large friction areas, improved responsiveness, and extended brake pad life. They are backed by a two-year warranty. A brake override feature allows the truck to be driven with the brake engaged for critical load positioning. A push-button parking brake reduces effort and improves efficiency.

Crown’s Intrinsic Stability System enhances safety and control by complementing safe, efficient operator practices. The Intrinsic Stability System includes:

  • System-controlled hydraulic speeds
  • Travel speed control
  • Lift/Tilt interlock
  • Stability-enhanced counterweight
  • Ramp speed control

Crown’s attendance at the symposium reflects its commitment to exploring and implementing alternative fuel sources for its forklifts. In April, the company received its second grant from the state of Ohio’s Third Frontier Fuel Cell Program. Crown is using the $1 million grant to fund further testing of fuel cell-powered forklifts at its research center in Huber Heights OH.

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