“Cryo recovery” trailers provide on-the-go therapy

“Cryo recovery” trailers provide on-the-go therapy

Cryo Centers of America has unveiled its latest achievement in the growing freezing-cold cryotherapy trend: fully customizable and mobile “cryo recovery” centers.

Geared for marketing and large events, these 16-foot dual-axle enclosed trailers provide on-site service for busy, health-conscious consumers and are available for purchase.

Fitness entrepreneurs nationwide have taken to social media to express excitement for Cryo Centers of America’s mobile “cryo recovery” trailers.

“My skin is tightening, [and] already my breathing has been so much easier. I will be going here for the rest of my life,” said one fan via Yelp and Instagram.

The trailers have an array of features for clients, such as custom “cryosaunas,” interior changing rooms, floors, and entertainment packages (including TVs, Blu-Ray players, and LED lights).

A leading supplier of whole body cryotherapy and wellness recovery products, Cryo Centers of America is currently consulting with entrepreneurs interested in custom-built cryo recovery centers for their businesses. Able to construct trailers of any size, the company can also incorporate additional requests like automatic sliding doors, and solar panels.

The price for standard-built cryo recovery trailers begins at $60,000. Cryo Centers of America offers in-house financing to those who qualify.

•Cryo Centers of America can provide maintenance and tech support for any cryotherapy machine on the market.

•The company specializes in helping entrepreneurs start businesses, and they also offer licensing opportunities (for a one-time fee) into the Cryo Centers of America brand and network.

•Other recovery modalities, such as refurbished and new cryotherapy saunas, are also available, ranging from $36,000 to $50,000.

Learn more at www.feelthefreeze.com.

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