Idle Free offers electric APU

Idle Free offers electric APU

Idle Free Systems Inc’s electric APU (auxiliary power unit) is different from other idle-elimination systems because it meets all driver needs—heat, air-conditioning, and hotel needs—without jeopardizing the productivity of the truck.

The Idle Free APU is also one of the most efficient APUs because the system runs on alternating current.

Electric APUs that run on direct current suffer from lower efficiency, which translates to shorter APU battery life, less run time, and, most problematic, the risk that the APU could jeopardize the truck’s ability to start. D/C-based systems, due to their higher amperage draw for the air-conditioner, rely on the truck’s starter batteries as an additional power source to run the APU. Operating the APU risks draining the truck’s starter batteries and therefore not being able to start the truck.

Idle Free’s A/C-based electric APU is a more efficient system, resulting in longer battery life and completely eliminating any need to use the truck’s starter batteries to power the APU. The A/C-based system means the truck’s batteries will never be drained by the APU.

By virtue of its more efficient use of energy and longer battery life, the Idle Free system is maintenance-free, requiring only an annual check of the heaters fuel filter.

Since 2006, Idle Free has been endorsed by Mack Trucks as its recommended idle elimination system. The system can be seen on Mack Trucks’ Pinnacle SmartWay-verified series of sleeper trucks.

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