Jungheinrich expands product line

Jungheinrich expands product line

Jungheinrich AG has expanded its Jungheinrich product line for North America.

The new product lineup, which includes a line of Class 1, 2, and 3 warehouse products, is the result of Jungheinrich’s manufacturing and distribution agreement with Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc (MCFA), announced in August 2009. Under this agreement, MCFA becomes the distributor of Jungheinrich-branded warehouse products in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Jungheinrich specializes in warehousing and narrow-aisle lift trucks. MCFA also manufactures a number of Jungheinrich branded lift trucks for distribution in North America. Jungheinrich’s North American product offering includes electric counterbalanced, narrow-aisle, and walkie products with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 11,000 pounds.

Featuring 19 model families, the Jungheinrich North American product line-up includes:

•Class 1, EFG 110k-115 electric three-wheel counterbalanced truck, 2,000- to 3,000-lb capacity

•Class 1, ETG 230-355 electric stand-up end control, 3,000- to 5,500-lb capacity

•Class 2, ETV 110/112/114/116 reach truck, Range 1, 2,200- to 3,500-lb capacity

•Class 2, ETM/ETV 214/216 reach truck, Range 2, 3,000- to 3,500-lb capacity

•Class 2, ETM/ETV 320/325 reach truck, Range 3, 4,400- to 5,500-lb capacity

•Class 2, ETV C16/C20 reach truck, Range C, 3,500- to 4,400-lb capacity

•Class 2, ETR 130-345p, ETR 125d-230dp, and ETB 130-340 reach truck pantograph, 2,500- to 4,500-lb capacity

•Class 2, EKS 110 vertical order picker, 2,200-lb capacity

•Class 2, EKS 230-330p vertical order picker, 3,000-lb capacity

•Class 2, EKX 410 man-up turret truck, 2,200-lb capacity

•Class 2, EKX 513-515k high-rack turret truck, 2,750- to 3,300-lb capacity

•Class 2, EFX 410-413 man-down turret truck, 2,200- to 2,750-lb capacity

•Class 3, EJE 120/120E electric walkie pallet truck, 4,500-lb capacity

•Class 3, EJE 225/225E electric walkie pallet truck, 6,000-lb capacity

•Class 3, ECR 327/336 electric end rider pallet truck, 6,000- to 8,000-lb capacity

•Class 3, EZS 350NA tow tractor, 11,000-lb capacity

•Class 3, EMC B10 (straddle) electric walkie medium stacker, 2,200-lb capacity

•Class 3, EMC 110 (fork-over) electric walkie medium stacker, 2,200-lb capacity

•Class 3, EJC B14-B16 electric walkie straddle stacker, 3,000- to 3,500-lb capacity

To find out more, visit www.jungheinrich-lift.com.

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