MCFA adds Jungheinrich walkie stacker

MCFA adds Jungheinrich walkie stacker

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America Inc (MCFA) has added a new Jungheinrich EJC B14/EJC B16 heavy-duty electric walkie straddle stacker to its North American product line. The new walkie stacker implements an efficient three-phase AC technology drive system, proportional lift and lower control, optional electric power steering, and a multifunction control tiller head.

Jungheinrich engineers focused on increasing energy efficiency and reducing life cycle costs with the new EJC series three-phase AC technology drive system. Enhancements to the advanced drive system include proprietary software, improved electrical components, and optimized cable routing, resulting in longer battery life and more run time. Further advantages include the elimination of wear items such as motor brushes and springs, which can lead to lower life cycle costs; and advanced regenerative braking, which allows energy to be fed back into the battery for longer run times and greater productivity.

The EJC series also integrates quiet performance and superior handling, as precise speed and torque control permit easy maneuvering even in confined warehouse applications. Extremely beneficial for a stacker, the series features variable-lift/lower speed control that lowers pull-down and put-away costs while reducing the likelihood of lift truck, rack, or product damage.

All forklift truck movement functions are achieved via the tiller head as it allows for increased operational efficiencies and decreased operator fatigue. The tiller head is mounted low and toward the side of the truck. This maximizes space between the operator and chassis for increased comfort and visibility. Controls may be activated with either hand to further increase operational efficiency of the forklift.

The EJC B14 and EJC B16 also feature patented dual articulating load wheel design, a crawl speed button that allows travel with handle in the upright position, and a smart auto reversing switch. Options include adjustable baseleg widths, a cold store package for refrigeration and freezer applications, and electric power steering.

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