Pentalift inflatable dock seals and shelters

Pentalift inflatable dock seals and shelters

Pentalift Equipment Corporation has redesigned and refined the inflatable dock seal and shelter concept. Through the use of computer design technology, incorporating manufacturing efficiencies, and by taking advantage of developments in materials, Pentalift says its inflatable dock seals and shelters surpass comparable conventional models in performance and product value.

The firm’s inflatable truck shelters are designed to “hug” a truck/trailer by inflating to come up against the top and inward against the sides of the truck/trailer. A motor/blower assembly forces air through the head and side air bags to instantly form a gasket on the truck/trailer. A recoiling spring and internal tension straps quickly return the truck shelter air bags to the retracted position before the truck/trailer departs.

Inflatable dock seals and dock shelters offer cost savings by improving energy conservation (air loss) and reducing repair and replacement costs, thereby providing rapid return on investment. Loss of conditioned air from an open, unsealed 8' x 8' door can cost up to $2,000 a door per year. Inflatables also increase durability as the non-compression design of all Pentalift inflatables eliminates excessive cover material damage caused by abrasion that occurs both when a truck/trailer compresses conventional dock seals and when the truck/trailer’s suspension rises and lower as loads are transferred. These abrasion conditions can puncture, tear, and wear through the cover materials on conventional models.

When inflated, Pentalift inflatables custom-shape themselves to seal the individual truck/trailer. They consistently seal diverse trailer configurations. The wraparound effect of Pentalift inflatables provides a seal on misaligned trucks/trailers that keeps rain water from entering the building.

Pentalift’s 120,000-square-foot manufacturing facility permits rapid custom fabrication for a line of elevating dock lifts, loading dock levelers, trailer restraints, dock seals, and to accommodate most loading applications.

For more information, visit, phone 519-763-3625 ext 299, or e-mail [email protected]

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