Ryder’s commercial rental fleet adds safety innovations

Ryder’s commercial rental fleet adds safety innovations

All new vehicles that come into Ryder System Inc’s North American commercial rental fleet will now include innovative safety technologies, such as forward-looking radar and collision mitigation systems.

The new vehicles will become the standard specification for Ryder’s commercial rental fleet as the company responds to increasing demand from customers looking to improve fleet performance, safety and driver job satisfaction.

Ryder has offered these safety technologies as an available option to its ChoiceLease customers for several years. The company is now making those technologies standard for the first time within its Commercial Rental product line for new vehicles being delivered into service in spring 2017.

The firm’s fleet of vehicles incorporates many other advanced technologies including automated manual transmissions, roll stability controls and telematics. It also uses video monitoring and management systems in its Dedicated Transportation Solution (DTS) fleet. Ryder continually monitors emerging fleet technologies and works closely with technology providers and equipment manufacturers to provide feedback around functionality, usability and adaptability.

Ryder has a long track record of consistently improving performance, safety and reliability of commercial vehicles. With these new safety standards, it continues its leadership in advanced vehicle technology, and builds on its strategy of providing the most flexibility, choice and control in fleet management. These technologies aim to reduce the possibility of vehicle crashes, while providing a cost benefit to customers.

Each year, the company invites its team of more than 34,000 employees around the globe to participate in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The annual international campaign promotes safe and healthy workplaces. As a member of Together for Safer Roads (TSR), Ryder joins its fellow private sector coalition members in leveraging the day as an opportunity to promote and raise awareness of safe driving practices.

Ryder Commercial Rental provides rental trucks on a short-term basis to meet customer needs for supplemental capacity. Ryder serves customers at more than 400 rental locations across the United States and Canada, staffed with a dedicated team of knowledgeable rental agents, and stocked with an inventory of more than 35,000 recent-model vehicles. All rental vehicles are backed by Ryder’s Rental Service Guarantee.

To rent a truck, access www.reservations.ryder.com or call 1-800-345-9282.

For more information, go to www.ryder.com.

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