TempTrackr wireless system provides six-sensor capability

TempTrackr wireless system provides six-sensor capability

SenGenuity, the sensors division of Vectron International, announced that its TempTrackr wireless temperature measurement system kit now can read six independent passive, wireless temperature sensors. Each sensor operates in a unique frequency band, which prevents cross-talk with other sensors and provides them unique identification within the system architecture.

Based on surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology, the sensors require no batteries or external power supply. They are powered by electromagnetic bursts generated by a wireless transceiver, which serves to power the sensors and listen to response signals generated by them. A change in the frequency of the response signal indicates a change in the temperature being measured.

TempTrackr is highly scalable and can accommodate up to 12 wireless temperature sensors with appropriate setup and configuration. The system provides passive, wireless, and electrically non-invasive temperature monitoring for wireless food probes, smart grid applications, and rotating equipment. In contrast to traditional methods such as infrared thermography, TempTrackr requires little to no long-term maintenance. By making use of passive sensors, the system also provides a logistical and environmental advantage over battery-powered sensors by doing away with the need for constant battery replacement.

The kit includes six wireless temperature sensors (each capable of reading temperatures from –40° to 220° C) a USB-powered wireless transceiver, antennae, connectors, and PC-based application software.

For more information, visit www.sengenuity.com or call 1-888-328-7661.

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