TODCO focuses on “Miles That Matter”

TODCO, Transportation Division of Overhead Door Corporation, has formally announced its new tagline as “Miles That Matter.”

The initiative results in a lower total cost of ownership for fleets and end-users. This is realized through a focus on product innovations to offer safer, longer-life, lighter-weight products that reduce fleet maintenance costs and downtime. Total cost of ownership is further reduced by using materials that are recyclable and provide an end-of-life residual value (ie, aluminum scrap value from all-aluminum doors). Safety is also important to TODCO, resulting in development of products that can help reduce injuries and worker compensation costs for fleet owners, such as lighter-weight components and “pinchless” panel joints to avoid finger pinch injuries.

More than 30 years ago, TODCO designed and began manufacturing a total of 185,000 single-wall aluminum, Long-Life Vehicle roll-up doors for the US Postal Service, with the majority still in operation today. Most recently introduced is ArcticFlex, a pinch-less single-panel roll-up door that has a high R-Value.

Reduced maintenance costs and downtime will result by specifying TODCO’s exclusive 1-inch and 2-inch SupeRollers that last five to 10 times longer than standard steel rollers.  The Hold Open Door Keeper, which holds roll-up doors up behind the header in the open position, improves safety and reduces bottom panel damage incurred while transferring freight with forklifts.

TODCO’s FleetStar double-wall aluminum door provides a heavy-duty,  long-life design and is recyclable at the end of its useful life, as are the City Cargo single-walled aluminum and WeatherTite polycomposite roll-up doors. WeatherTite doors are also covered by a 10-year pro-rated warranty.

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