Toyota 8-Series four-wheel AC electric lift trucks

Toyota 8-Series four-wheel AC electric lift trucks

Toyota Material Handling USA Inc (TMHU) has unveiled its new line of 8-Series four-wheel AC electric lift trucks, available in 4,000- to 6,500-lb load capacities—including a new 5,500-lb model.

Suited for virtually every indoor material handling need, from food and beverage to general warehousing and distribution centers, this AC-powered lift truck delivers longer runtimes and offers quicker acceleration. The new four-wheel models will be manufactured exclusively at Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg Inc (TIEM), the company’s facility in Columbus IN, starting in May 2010.

The AC-powered system consists of a series of subsystems—each of which either conserves or regenerates power to maximize operational productivity between battery charges. The motor features a “power keep” function, designed to compensate for battery depletion and corresponding loss of performance. Energy is continually recovered through three forms of regenerative braking, coast control, plug braking, and foot braking.

Toyota’s virtually maintenance-free AC power system contains no motor brushes, springs, commutator, or wearable parts to service and replace. The lift truck’s AC-powered drive system and AC-powered hydraulic system boost travel and lift speeds. Also, by controlling the on-demand, full hydrostatic power steering through the AC hydraulic motor system, there is one less motor to service and maintain.

Toyota is able to increase operator comfort by improving ergonomics and expanding leg room. Some of the features adding to operator comfort include a standard ultra-comfort vinyl full suspension seat with four-way adjustability and increased forward/backward seat adjustment, anti-cinch seat belts, mini-lever and joystick hydraulic controls with Ergo-Shift featuring a three-way adjustable armrest to enhance operator comfort and increase productivity.

This electric lift truck continues to offer Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS), which is proven to help reduce the risk of accidents that occur as a result of lateral and longitudinal tipovers. When the SAS system detects instability, its advanced sensors simultaneously signal and engage the appropriate controller. The Active Control Rear Stabilizer System and the Active Mast Function Controller System work in conjunction to add truck stability and help reduce the likelihood of a lateral overturn and help decrease the chance of spilling a load or tipping the lift truck forward or backward.

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