Transit Truck Bodies marks production of 45,000th body

Transit Truck Bodies marks production of 45,000th body

Transit Truck Bodies is celebrating the production of its 45,000th truck body.

More than 2,500 different kinds of truck bodies are produced at Transit’s 125,000-square-foot plant area every year. The milestone 45,000th truck body produced by the company was delivered to the team Hector Larivée/Location Brossard.

From left: Jérôme Léonard, Daniel Duquette, and Yves Carmel (Location Brossard); Guy Larivée and Stéphane Labelle (Hector Larivée); Louis Leclair and Michel Moreau (Transit Truck Bodies)

Since 1978, Transit’s growth and technological advances have all been fueled by a commitment to go beyond what customers expect in terms of both products and service.

With the company’s modern and efficient plant, turnaround time is remarkable with customized truck bodies being delivered in as little as 48 hours. The plant has even more space available for future expansion.

Transit’s truck bodies are built to keep the client’s maintenance and repair costs low with features such as rivet-free side panels, corrosion-resistant materials, and a greater overall durability. A better resale value is also provided.

Bonded aluminum panels allow repairs to be easily performed without disassembling the truck body interior, which translates to less downtime and cost. Rivet-free sides allow logos and images to be applied easily to provide a better-looking truck.

Modern equipment, skilled personnel, and streamlined production processes are used not only to keep up with growing customer demand, but also to ensure the company delivers on its promises. Transit’s production lines give it the ability to start building a truck body every 30 minutes.

Call 514-382-0104 or 877-382-0104, or access for further information.

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