AG New England upgrades to Intelligent Lighting System

Associated Grocers of New England (AG New England) has upgraded the cold storage facility in its Pembroke NH headquarters to Digital Lumens’ Intelligent Lighting System, and is saving 482,066 kilowatt-hours annually.

Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG), a Digital Lumens authorized partner, is AG New England’s energy efficiency partner on the project.

“Our freezer spaces have historically presented the greatest challenges for any lighting technology, forcing us to sacrifice light quality and performance due to the harsh environment,” said Bruce Courtois, facilities manager, AG New England. “Working with the Leading Edge Design Group team, we tested the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System in our facility, and found that it improved our light quality, drove down our energy use—and gave us new levels of operational control.”

LEDG provided a lighting and energy assessment of the 24/7 cold storage facility, and worked with the AG New England team to understand their target light levels and other performance metrics. They then designed an industrial lighting system built around the Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System, which they deployed. They worked with Public Service of New Hampshire, which provided an energy efficiency incentive under the [email protected] program.

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