Frequentz’s track-and-trace systems guarantee sustainably sourced bananas

Frequentz Inc wants lovers of the fourth most popular agricultural product to know they are working diligently with the international fruit supply chain to ensure the more than 100 billion bananas consumed annually are from trustworthy, sustainable sources.
While only 3% of the global banana production is United States banana industry standard-compliant, the 22 million boxes of bananas captured by Frequentz’s track-and-trace system annually are guaranteed to come from environmentally responsible companies that provide only US standard-compliant product.
Frequentz’s produce traceability software tracks 12% of the global supply of standard-compliant bananas, which is more than two billion bananas worldwide. Domestically, Americans consume 8.6 billion bananas annually. With Hawaii the only place in the United States where bananas are grown commercially, end-to-end traceability becomes even more crucial to creating supply chain trust. However, Frequentz has helped establish the integrity of bananas sold in the United States by tracking more than a tenth of those purchased.
As food demands grow, so do the technological needs of growers, especially as food comes from multiple international sources. It’s also increasingly important for growers to have full visibility and product traceability, as more and more consumers demand to know where their food comes from.
Frequentz’s GS1 and globally compliant solutions deliver traceability, the ability to track and analyze historical data, and dexterity to handle rapid operational queries from supply partners. This reduces repetitive data gathering and provides accurate records and reporting on specific crop information, irrigation, or even soil testing. These solutions can help identify potential sources of contamination, or assist in monitoring cold chain or temperature-controlled logistics, which naturally lead to better responses to recall events.
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