GPS In A Box technology can monitor real-time temperatures of food in transit

GPS In A Box is a patent-pending device and service from National Fleet Tracking LLC that monitors real-time pulp temperatures of products from shipper to receiver. It is designed to minimize temperature-related food degradation problems before a loss occurs.
This reusable tracking, temperature, and door alert system monitors truck loads and reports automatically back to shippers in real time. It is designed with features that allow shippers to set custom alerts to protect even the most perishable products.
With GPS In A Box, shippers can relax knowing their product is secure, on time, en route, and at the proper temperature. It offers food distributors and food safety experts reports every 15 minutes in transit from producer to distributor.
Using this technology, everyone in the cold chain loop can help the driver watch the load, even if he is asleep. The results are better food quality, fewer claims for spoilage, and peace of mind knowing the product arrives in excellent condition.
The system works from a web-based platform that monitors food loads and sends alerts by SMS if it detects a variance from the individual products required specifications. Part of the advance is the ability of GPS In A Box to send actual pulp temperature of products, without relying on the driver or any truck lines systems.
Kevin Morgan of Glen Rose Transportation Management Inc said, “Pulp temperature is far superior to air or ambient temperature, as pulp temperature allows everyone to know the actual temperature of the product, not just the air flowing over it.”
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