Grimmway Farms uses Trimble Asset Tracking

Grimmway Farms, a provider of organic produce in the United States, is rolling out Trimble Asset Tracking across its inventory of portable assets.

An enhancement to the Trimble Field Service Management portfolio, Asset Tracking is a new solution that enables organizations operating towed, powered, and non-powered assets such as trailers and pumps, to better manage productivity. Grimmway Farms is using Asset Tracking to quickly locate and identify equipment that is underused or in need of maintenance.

Integrated with Trimble Fleet Management, Asset Tracking allows Grimmway Farms to view vehicles alongside their assets within a single interface. This integration provides real-time visibility into day-to-day operations, such as driver locations, travel times, and overall fleet performance. Incorporating Asset Tracking into its operations will enable Grimmway Farms to further optimize performance by enhancing efficiency and improving productivity.

Asset Tracking is a key component of Trimble’s integrated suite of Field Service Management solutions, which includes Fleet Management, Work Management, and FieldMaster. Fleet Management provides businesses that manage fleets, in a variety of industries including agriculture, with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. Work Management is a cloud-based solution that transforms the productivity of a mobile workforce through intelligent scheduling tools and state-of-the-art performance analytics. FieldMaster mobile applications drive enhanced visibility and information sharing between the field and the back office to enable a streamlined field service operation.

Grimmway Farms also uses Trimble’s mapping, GIS, survey, and the Connected Farm solution. Connected Farm allows farmers to collect, share, and manage information across a farm in real time within one central location, enabling better decisionmaking and facilitating collaboration with advisors.

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