Iron Apple training program in high demand

With enforcement soon set to begin for one of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules (Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food rule), carriers are under pressure to have their food transport operations compliant with new regulations.

If your shipper hasn’t already asked that a food safety program be put into place, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may come knocking shortly after the April 6, 2017 deadline. Similar to processing facilities, the FDA may schedule inspections at transportation facilities to review records, procedures and to verify compliance that includes training and sanitation.

Iron Apple has developed a food safety solution for carriers transporting food or food ingredients to meet these new regulations. The program is a digital solution that provides a step-by-step guide for a company to develop and implement a food safety plan. This solution will give you everything you need to meet shipper and government requirements when it comes to safe handling of food.

Accompanying the digital program is a web-based food safety training program, now available in both Spanish and English. The training program consists of a three-part e-learning offering with videos, reference materials and short quizzes along with a certificate of completion. These training materials meet and exceed the FSMA and Sanitary Transport Rule training requirements. Content of the course is suited for any person involved with transportation of food throughout United States and Canada (carriers, shippers and brokers).

Iron Apple has experienced record registration for its web-based training in the past 90 days. It’s clear that shippers, carriers, brokers and processors are taking the upcoming deadlines seriously. The innovative, modern online training course was developed specifically to meet the changing needs of the food transportation industry, and it’s clear from the response that the program is meeting a massive industrywide need.

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