US Foodservice begins Port Orange FL facility expansion

US Foodservice broke ground recently for an expansion of its Port Orange FL division’s food distribution center to 409,000 square feet to support growth of the company’s central Florida distribution business.

Construction on the $33-million expansion at 5425 South Williamson Boulevard in Port Orange is expected to be completed by July 2011.

Once expansion is complete, the company will close its nearby Ormond Beach facility. Its more than 330 employees will move to the new facility, which will have a combined workforce of more than 500. This consolidation will make Port Orange the hub of its central Florida business. It will serve nearly 5,000 restaurants, healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, and government agencies throughout the state, southeast Georgia, and southern Alabama.

“Our business is growing, and we need more space to serve customers,” said Pat Kelly, president of US Foodservice–Port Orange. “The expanded facility will enable us to respond more efficiently to our customers’ needs while serving a growing market from a modern and strategically located distribution center.”

Despite two prior expansions, the company had exhausted capacity at the Ormond Beach facility, Kelly said. The 60-acre site at Port Orange, however, has ample space for growth. The expanded facility will offer:

•Capacity for 14,000 fresh, frozen, non-perishable, and non-food products

•127,000 square feet of freezer space

•48,000 square feet of refrigerated space

•155,000 square feet of dry storage space

•51 loading docks

Kelly said the consolidated facility will feature the latest in food storage technology, including one of the largest private refrigerated transport fleets in Florida. The facility will also have motion-activated and energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption. Serving the region from one location will enable US Foodservice to reduce the impact to the environment while increasing efficiency and improving customer service.

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