EDI, FP GreenFleet announce partnership

Efficient Drivetrains Inc (EDI) and First Priority GreenFleet Ltd (FP GreenFleet), a division of First Priority Global Ltd (FPG), have announced a collaboration agreement between the two companies. The partnership will provide public and private commercial fleet operators access to a best-in-class suite of clean transportation solutions supported by the manufacturing and service-focused organization.

As part of the relationship, EDI will provide its portfolio of solutions to FP GreenFleet, including the PowerDrive line of EV and PHEV drivetrains, PowerSuite Vehicle Control Software and Telematics, and Power2E 2 Way Charging and Exportable Power for vehicles for their fleet customers. FP GreenFleet will provide volume manufacturing and service capabilities for EDI customers. The electric vehicles will be used to replace conventional commercial fuel vehicles in industries such as logistics, emergency response, and utilities.

The FP GreenFleet and EDI partnership follows FPG successfully acquiring the assets and intellectual property of Electric Vehicles International (EVI) and establishing its FP GreenFleet operations, vehicle development, assembly, and technical support center in Stockton CA. The new partnership with EDI complements the scaling-up of California-based alternative fuel vehicle manufacturing that will help create new jobs and foster economic development in the Central Valley, as well as help to carry out Gov Jerry Brown’s Sustainable Freight Action Plan, Zero-Emission Vehicle Action Plan, and the goals of AB 32 and SB 32.

FP GreenFleet and EDI will produce alternative fuel vehicles from Class 2 through Class 8. Initial programs will launch in September 2016.  Vehicles created by the two companies will provide all-electric zero emissions and hybrid vehicles, and will be used to replace conventional, diesel-burning fuel vehicles across multiple fleet applications and duty-cycles.

On a related topic, a Trucks.com article by Roger Bedell, former chief executive and founder of Opbrid Fast Charge, discusses the viability--and potential profitability--of electric long-haul trucks. In this article, he says:

Why are we focusing on electrifying smaller vehicles like cars and delivery trucks when electrifying really big trucks makes the most economic sense? Electricity is about half the cost of diesel or gasoline. This means the more fuel you burn, the more money you save.

Heavy long-haul trucks are the kings of fuel consumption. That’s why they are the best target for electrification from an economic standpoint. A 40-ton long-haul truck driving at 60 mph uses eight to 13 gallons of diesel per hour, according to a comprehensive survey from Sweden. This is $20 to $30 per hour, or in places like Britain, where the cost of diesel is higher, $40 to $60 per hour. This makes fuel costs higher than a driver’s salary on a per-hour basis, and is the largest percentage cost item for trucking companies on a monthly basis. If fuel costs can be cut in half by switching to electricity, electrification can be very interesting indeed for a truck operator.

For more information about EDI, go to www.efficientdrivetrains.com.

To learn more about FP GreenFleet, access www.fpgreenfleet.com/.

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