Solar Tech TRU shines as cooling solution

Mesa AZ-based Advanced Energy Machines is promoting an all-electric transport refrigeration unit (TRU) capable of gathering 100% of its needed power from the sun.

After field-testing “for hundreds of thousands of hours and millions of miles while making everyday food deliveries,” these TRUs are ready for trailers 28 to 53 feet long, the company said.

According to AEM, the Solar Tech brand TRU “is designed to provide superior cooling while significantly reducing operating costs. It will increase safety, eliminate warehouse diesel particulate, decrease noise pollution, and greatly reduce your carbon footprint.”

This TRU can keep food cold or frozen for over-the-road or multi-delivery operation, said Gary Cullen, AEM sales and marketing manager. In addition to the photovoltaic solar film on the roof, trailers are fitted with a wheel “momentum generator” to help charge the unit’s batteries.

Customers can choose a range of battery capacities to support the 48-volt system. With maximum batteries, a full load of ice cream in a 53-ft trailer at minus 10° to minus 20° F will keep for as long as three days without plugging in, said Cullen—even in the Arizona summer.

This sun-powered TRU is available on new trailer orders, for installation by AEM. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

Call Cullen at 832-771-0579, email [email protected], or access for more information.

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