US Gain teams with Delco Foods to bring new CNG fuel station to Indianapolis

US Gain teams with Delco Foods to bring new CNG fuel station to Indianapolis

From left: Bill Harris, Delco Foods warehouse manager; David Rosenberg, deputy chief of staff for Mayor Ballard; Matt Krasney, Penske director of alternative energy; Mike Robbins, Delco vice-president; Steve Goldman, Delco president; Dan Schmidt, policy director for Energy and Environment; Kellie Walsh, Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition executive director; Bill Renz, US Gain general manager; Doug Deardorff, Delco vice-president of operations.

US Gain, the compressed natural gas (CNG) division of US Venture Inc, has completed a new CNG station in partnership with Delco Foods, one of the Midwest’s largest distributor of Italian and specialty food items.
The easy-access, fast-fill GAIN Clean Fuel station is just inside the Interstate 465 loop at 8775 Zionsville Road in Indianapolis and is open to all CNG fleets and the public.
“This is a great partnership and one we encourage other carriers to consider,” said Kellie Walsh, executive director of the Greater Indiana Clean Cities Coalition. “Utilizing natural gas as a transportation fuel offers significant economic and air quality benefits. CNG is domestically produced in Indiana and throughout the United States, which contributes to a less-volatile fuel price and is cheaper than diesel. In addition, CNG emits fewer air pollutants than conventional diesel fuel—so everyone benefits.”
“We are excited to partner with US Gain,” said Steve Goldman, president of Delco Foods. “Our trucks make about 1,300 deliveries a week so being able to get our products to customers with an environmentally friendly and less-expensive fuel option is an important component of our operational strategy.”
Located near its distribution center, the Indianapolis station not only gives the Delco Foods fleet a strategic fueling location, but also contributes to the firm’s commitment to improve sustainability efforts.
“Despite reduced oil prices which have lowered the price of diesel fuel, we’re still seeing significant growth in the use of CNG. Our goal is to have a GAIN network in place that will provide easy access to CNG for local, regional, and national carriers,” said Bill Renz, general manager for US Gain. “To achieve this, we are actively seeking partnerships with carriers that are looking to benefit by converting their fleets to CNG.”
GAIN Clean Fuel stations are strategically located for carriers along major shipping corridors and are on track to open 100 new fueling stations across the United States within the next two years. For more details, go to
Delco Foods is a family-owned Italian and specialty foods distributor supplying businesses throughout the Midwest for almost 60 years. See to learn more.

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