Tops leases 55 CNG vehicles from Ryder

Ryder System Inc (NYSE: R) announced that Tops Friendly Markets has signed a full-service lease agreement for 55 compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors.
Tops, a full-service grocery retailer in upstate New York, northern Pennsylvania, and western Vermont, will use the trucks to support its distribution and delivery operations. This natural gas vehicle project is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3,138 tons annually and expected to save Tops more than 50% of its fuel costs annually through a reduction of 1,200,000 gallons of diesel fuel consumption. Headquartered in Williamsville NY, Tops operates 162 full-service supermarkets in the northeastern United States. This is Ryder’s first project with Tops.
The grocery retailer will take delivery of the 55 natural gas vehicles in mid-2015 to replace its entire fleet of 55 diesel-powered vehicles. Ryder will also provide maintenance for the CNG vehicles from its Buffalo NY service facility, which is being upgraded for compliance with natural gas standards.
Ryder is a provider of natural gas vehicle solutions for the commercial transportation industry, with more than 27 million miles of experience, 14 natural gas vehicle maintenance facilities, and 260 natural gas vehicle trained technicians. It has deployed CNG and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles in the fleets of Ryder customers in California, New York, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Maryland, Georgia, and Louisiana as well as in Canada. The company operates liquefied-to-CNG (LCNG) fuel stations at its Fontana and Orange CA service locations. Ryder also operates an LNG fuel station at its Fulton GA maintenance facility.
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