Ryder attracts truck driver job candidates with more home time

Ryder System Inc (NYSE: R) has found that more home time, a stable schedule, and predictable pay are benefits resonating with job candidates looking for driving careers.

The firm employs approximately 6,000 drivers in the United States and Canada and most those positions are within the Ryder Dedicated business. Ryder Dedicated helps balance dynamic routes with more home time by scheduling its deliveries regionally so its drivers return to a home base daily or weekly. This helps provide drivers with more predictable schedules and compensation, in addition to being part of a dedicated team serving one customer.

Ryder’s commitment to keeping the best drivers is demonstrated by its “Promise to Our Drivers.” This mission statement states the company’s commitment to strive to: treat each driver with respect; provide predictable and fair pay; provide clean, safe, and reliable equipment; provide work-life balance by being home most nights; and provide drivers with a say in their work assignments.

The “Promise to Our Drivers” helps Ryder achieve one of the best driver retention rates in the industry, with annual turnover at one-fifth of what’s typical for a long-haul trucking company.

At any given time, Ryder has several hundred open driver positions. In addition, it continues to recruit drivers with military experience. The military recruiting website at www.ryder.com/military helps veterans match their military skills with open positions at Ryder. For example, a military veteran with experience as a motor transport operator can enter his or her “88M” Military Occupation Code to find open truck driving jobs at Ryder. Ryder has also become a corporate member of the Women in Trucking Association to help connect company recruiters with women interested in truck driving careers.

To be eligible to drive for Ryder, candidates are required to have a commercial driver license and an outstanding safe driving record. Interested candidates can visit the Online Career Center orwww.drive4ryder.com to learn more.


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