Southco publishes 2015 product catalog

Southco Inc announces the launch of its 2015 product catalog. The Southco Handbook 65 has been expanded to 545 pages, and contains more than 45,000 engineered access hardware products designed to help engineering professionals find the right products for applications. This catalog features these new enhancements for 2015:

•More than 100 pages of new products and design solutions

•Expanded sections featuring Electronic Access, Display Mounts, and Rotary Latches

•Updated product specifications, part numbers, and performance details

•Selection guides to help find the right part for an application

Handbook 65 is available at as an e-book, and print versions also can be requested there. The print version of the catalog is available in English, German, and Chinese languages, with French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean versions coming soon.

Southco products include a variety of latches, locks, captive fasteners, quick-access fasteners, hinges, handles, inserts, electronic access solutions, and other accessories.

Access for further details.

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