Cold chain loggers come pre-configured

Saelig Company Inc has introduced EasyLog EL-CC-1 cold chain loggers—flat, compact (1.5” x 2”) IP67-sealed temperature loggers that come pre-configured for use in one of three particular applications: chilled goods, frozen goods, and ripening goods.

Operation is easy: Press the built-in button to start automatic logging, making it simple for use by any operator. During a logging session, pressing the button again will illuminate status LEDs to give a quick indication if the temperature has exceeded an alarm condition at any point. Once the logging session has been completed, the IP67-rated plastic wallet may be torn open to reveal a conventional flat USB connector that can be plugged in to any USB port on a Windows PC.

Using the free EasyLog CC software allows for downloading and graphing data for reporting and evaluation. Additional waterproof sealed bags are available for repeated use of the EasyLog EL-CC-1 dataloggers with 12-plus months of internal battery life.

EL-CC-1 loggers have a measurement range of –30° to +60° C (–22° to +140° F) with an accuracy of ±0.5° C maximum (±1° F) and resolution of 0.1° C (0.1° F). Up to 32,600 readings at 10-minute intervals may be stored in the device. No set-up is required since the loggers are pre-configured with appropriate sample rates and alarm thresholds for each application. Logged data export options include PDF, Microsoft Excel, and JPEG files.

The EL-CC-1 is suitable for a variety of applications, including the monitoring of produce and its transportation, refrigerator/freezer operation, medical goods, food and drink storage, building and site conditions, and HVAC behavior.

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