Intelsius launches BioTherm Extreme 6

Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging systems, is launching the BioTherm Extreme 6.

A water, EPS and VIP hybrid system, the BioTherm Extreme 6 offers a variety of benefits including 36 hours of performance qualified against ISTA 7D Hot 1-10° C.

This system is the latest addition to the BioTherm Extreme range, which protects the integrity and quality of critical ambient patient samples against extreme climates ranging from –30° C to +40° C.

The new product provides payload space for either one cryovial box or up to 12 blood tubes, as well as being highly optimized for performance versus shipping costs (Sub 3kg volumetric weight and sub 3kg physical weight).

The range is from sub 1kg to sub 5kg actual/volumetric weight and delivers lower-cost transportation compared with traditional temperature protection methods.

By reducing sample attrition, these systems reduce the need for costly re-tests. Designed with ease of use in mind, using a one-way-fit bottle cassette, the BioTherm Extreme 6 reduces packing errors and times for clinical trial sites.

Neil Sherman, Intelsius technical services manager, said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of BioTherm Extreme 6, which offers the marketplace another robust and reliable shipping system. This easy-to-use water, EPS and VIP hybrid system is ideal for United Kingdom, Europe and North America domestic and overnight shipments, ensuring biological samples remain protected against extreme climates.”

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