Maxim iButton logger logs data longer

Monitoring cold chain and other temperature-sensitive products or processes for longer duration sessions is now possible with the DS1925 iButton data logger from Maxim Integrated Products Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM).

Temperature-sensitive products and processes can be damaged when exposed to temperatures that are too high or too low. Previously, companies could only retrieve 16 KB of data for each session of critical temperature monitoring, and would often need to reduce the data sample. With 122 KB of data-log memory, the DS1925 provides longer monitoring sessions compared with other data log products, while maintaining the desired sample rate.

The DS1925 delivers high accuracy over a wide temperature range, and can measure battery life. It also retains measurements even if battery life ends before the logger is replaced. While other temperature loggers have plastic covers, the DS1925 is made with a durable stainless steel enclosure to withstand harsh environments and conditions. The DS1925 is ideal for temperature logging in cold chain, pharmaceutical, medical, bioscience, and food safety applications.

Other advantages of this logger include:

•Better accuracy over wide temperature range—±0.5° C over a range of –40° to +85° C

•Smaller size—Diameter of one dime and thickness of three nickels (17.35 x 5.89 mm)

Access for further details.

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