Airclic enhances its Perform supply chain/logistics management software

Airclic has added new capabilities to its Perform supply chain and logistics management software.
The latest enhancements integrate cross-docking automation, improved alerting functionality, route optimization, and receipt archiving synchronization directly into the product’s functionality, helping to improve order accuracy and enhance proactive communication throughout the delivery process.
As companies are required to quickly and accurately fulfill product orders within shorter delivery windows using more complex logistics networks, many have turned to cross-docking, the method of loading items directly from one truck to another during shipping and delivery. While cross-docking effectively cuts a step out of product warehousing, lack of a time cushion to confirm order accuracy before unloading and reloading of items can create an increased opportunity for error, especially when using paper-based systems. In addition, with the increased reliance on third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to reach the last mile of the supply chain, it is critical to catch errors during cross-docking.
Airclic’s cloud-based Perform software gives companies end-to-end visibility into every order, ensuring that cross-docking is not forcing organizations to make avoidable mistakes. Perform enables companies to scan, log, and update order information via mobile devices, directly connecting all stakeholders in the supply chain and guaranteeing they have the same information at the same time. Perform virtually eliminates paper tracking systems.
Perform users can now receive up-to-the-minute Estimated Time-of-Arrival (ETA) notifications, enabling proactive communication with customers on changes in delivery schedules. While ETAs are typically scheduled at the start of the day, there are dozens of variables that can change throughout the delivery process. Airclic Perform leverages GPS and real-time traffic data to keep the ETA current throughout changing conditions on the road throughout the day. To ensure the greatest accuracy, it takes into account the driver’s current location; travel time to each stop on the route based on stop sequence; service time and planned duration at each stop; and both real-time and historical traffic data.
With this information, companies can quickly update customers, reducing the number of delivery refusals and disputes over late or missed deliveries and mitigating subsequent SLA penalties. The software can be configured to meet specific business needs. This means a customer who requires advance notice is never rushing to meet the delivery truck at the last minute, and a customer on a tight schedule never has to waste time standing around waiting for his order to appear.
Airclic recently announced the availability of Perform for Route Optimization and Planning, which helps customers improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of routing and scheduling activities. The system plans and manages complex vehicle logistics across multiple truck types, geographic areas, load types (in-day, single day or multi-day routes), and specialist logistics processes.
It also supports holistic supply chain optimization of resource deployment across geographies and time. It reviews the operational demand for physical resources and optimizes deployment to meet the transactional flow within the supply chain. This solution is available as a part of a Perform implementation, or as a standalone product.
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