Isotrak software delivers visibility, efficiency for Papa John’s subsidiary

Papa John’s Food Service (PJ Food Service), the subsidiary of the nation’s third-largest pizza chain, delivers everything from pizza dough to cleaning supplies to more than 4,200 restaurant locations in 50 US states. It has more than 140 trucks and 177 trailers, makes 6,000 weekly deliveries, and has 10 quality control centers.
PJ Food Service lacked visibility into fleet performance and driver behavior. This left the firm unable to determine how to improve on-time deliveries, and reduce late departures to increase efficiency in transportation operations. There were only two points of visibility: when a truck left, and when it arrived back at the distribution center. The existing fleet tracking system provided no insight or real-time visibility throughout the actual delivery process.
Also, with upcoming changes in the US Department of Transportation’s hours-of-service (HOS) requirements, PJ Food Service needed to meet upcoming compliance regulations and instill confidence in management and drivers that they could continuously maintain this level of compliance without impacting productivity.
To gain visibility to meet the rigorous demands of making a delivery of perishable goods every six minutes throughout the United States, PJ Food Service needed a solution to optimize fleet and driver performance, measure on-time departures and arrivals, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve customer service.
After reviewing multiple products and narrowing it to three options, Isotrak was selected as the most capable answer and most promising business partner.
“Isotrak has a technologically advanced platform that provides greater usability and integration compared with any other US-based fleet tracker,” said Eric Hartman, senior director of logistics and support at PJ Food Service. “From a telematics standpoint, the visibility that Isotrak’s Active Transport Management System (ATMSi) provides is far ahead of the technology of any other fleet tracking company.”
ATMSi analyzes data and provides real-time visibility and measurement of fleet performance through tailored browser screens. Highly customizable dashboards and exception-based alerting enable users to control and view data pertinent to their specific fleet, using only a standard web browser, on a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Comprehensive reporting enables fleet managers to review driving style, vehicle usage, and fuel economy.
Isotrak systems are purpose-built to easily integrate with various network, hardware, and software partners within the supply chain, to help future-proof existing telematics hardware and supply chain software investments.
Platform integration capabilities were also key to selecting Isotrak because PJ’s Food Service did not want a host of stand-alone systems. It needed a solution that would allow for integration into existing systems so that from the time the order was placed to the time the truck returned empty, it would have full visibility and metrics delivered on one platform.
PJ Food Service reports having more visibility over its fleet than ever before. By measuring and monitoring arrival and departure times, idling time, and miles per gallon, fleet managers can make proactive and informed decisions. PJ Food Service improved its rate of on-time deliveries by more than 25% and its rate of on-time departures by more than 30% over the course of 2013.
“Increased visibility has been valuable for operational efficiencies and driver safety,” said Hartman. “Improving driver behavior through increased training reduces idling time and maintenance on our trucks—and also enhances our company’s reputation because all our trucks are so clearly branded.”
These improvements have increased communications and collaboration with the quality control centers as well. Information is clearly presented, and everyone works together to see what other improvements they can achieve.
With changes in HOS and driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) regulations approaching, companies will be required to electronically monitor drivers’ working hours and resting periods. Isotrak’s one-stop solution, ATMSi, lets transport managers see and measure fleet operations using satellite tracking feeds and vehicle telematics data. As part of ATMSi, the HOS application monitors drivers and vehicles through a paperless and electronic process.
The HOS module improves safety so drivers can focus on driving; the module takes the workload off the driver and automates that function to improve compliance by making time calculations for drivers and reducing the potential for manual errors. Automatic countdown timers keep drivers constantly updated on duty and drive time and reduces administrative time. PJ Food Service reports that driver feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
Isotrak project managers visited PJ Food Service’s warehouses to observe essential elements of pre-trip and operational planning, from how the company loads trucks to how it prepares routes. They then went out and observed the routes and deliveries. Isotrak’s hands-on approach resulted in customized recommendations and a system for measuring improvements going forward.
Hartman said, “Now we look at how we can continue to challenge ourselves and Isotrak to improve on the successes. We’re at 90%-95% on-time dispatch, what’s that last 5%? What do we need to do next to get that number even higher? I have no doubt Isotrak will continue to bring ideas to the table.”
Isotrak provides fleet management software and systems integration to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies and to six of the top 25 largest food retailers worldwide. For more information, go to Click here to see a video on the deployment of Isotrak at the Papa John's subdidiary.

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