Rand McNally integrates its mobile fleet devices with TRANSFLO system

At ATA’s recent Management Conference and Exhibition, Rand McNally announced the integration of Pegasus TransTech’s TRANSFLO document management and integrated delivery system with Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management devices.
The new solution enables fleets and drivers to communicate and manage workflow driven by documents quickly and easily, resulting in improved cash flow and document management.
Initially available as part of the TPC 7600 with an in-cab scanning option, TRANSFLO will soon be an option  on the full line of Rand McNally mobile fleet management devices—including the TND 760 and HD 100.
“The addition of TRANSFLO capabilities helps our fleet customers better manage document flow, increase accuracy, and process billing more quickly,” said Jim Rodi, senior vice-president, Mobile Communications Group, Rand McNally. “Invoicing customers quickly and accurately results in improved cash flow and ROI.”
A scan from Rand McNally’s system flows seamlessly into the TRANSFLO software. The software allows for efficient processing, storage, and quick retrieval of critical business documents such as proof of delivery, bills of lading, packing lists, receipts, employment applications, and accident reports. Receipts for scanned information can be set to trigger additional actions on the part of dispatch, billing, and operations. Additionally, any document can be accessed by multiple areas of the company for reference or action.
For more information, access www.randmcnally.com or call 1-800-789-6277.

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