Stewart’s Shops enjoys convenience of Paragon’s Single Depot system

Paragon Software Systems Inc announced that Stewart’s Shops—convenience stores offering gasoline and fresh and local dairy products and ice cream produced in Saratoga Springs NY—has deployed Paragon’s Single Depot system to automate planning of daily and seasonal deliveries.
This software automates the manual process of planning and scheduling deliveries to retail outlets, lowering mileage, reducing fuel usage, and improving truckload efficiencies.
“We have a tremendous amount of variables that affect delivery to each shop—such as time windows, delivery door restrictions, and vehicle restrictions—that go into planning,” said Ryan Faville, transportation manager at Stewart’s Shops. “With the Paragon software, we get a holistic look at our operations and have been able to make significant improvements in vehicle utilization. Optimizing routes with Paragon has helped us to considerably reduce miles driven.”
“Paragon Single Depot optimizes truck routes to cut transportation costs, provide a more reliable delivery service, reduce planning time, and lower fuel costs,” said William Salter, chief executive officer and president of Paragon. “The number of parameters that go into planning the routes for Stewart’s Shops is huge. Entering all the different store variables for daily delivery of gas and other products, along with seasonal delivery requirements, and then calculating the most efficient route, could not be done on a manual basis. Automating this process saves time, improves scheduling, and reduces overall mileage.”
Stewart’s Shops operates more than 300 stores across upstate New York and southern Vermont, with two-thirds of the shops selling gas. The company has a 50-truck fleet that hauls gas, dry goods, milk, and grocery items to the stores daily. Orders are filled in Stewart’s Shops distribution center, and then placed on trucks for delivery. Paragon software stores information about store delivery requirements, required delivery windows, truck capacities, driver shift information, and other transportation parameters. Using up-to-date digital maps, the software calculates optimized routes and schedules to minimize overall transportation costs.
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