Vigillo introduces its new Athena Big Data business intelligence platform

Vigillo LLC, creators of data mining software for fleet safety information, recently announced its new Athena Big Data business intelligence platform.
Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena is an open source Big Data system that gathers data from a variety of sources, distills it into understandable information, and presents it in a straightforward format that trucking companies can use to improve a range of operational factors. The web-based system is accessible through all types of devices and provides data-visualization through interactive dashboards and a report deployment scheduler.
The initial Athena platform will launch with 12 basic channels focused primarily on trucking safety, efficiency, and profitability, with most data coming from public sources.
“We will continue to gather information from FMCSA, DOT, and the standard locations we’ve been using for CSA information,” said Steve Bryan, chief executive officer of Vigillo. “However, with Athena we’re taking it one step further and not just looking at CSA but at all things related to trucking.
“We’re looking at US population statistics, GDP, weather, traffic, highway infrastructure investments, tolls, and more,” he said. “Our goal is to intelligently answer the question ‘why’ and deliver that answer to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and in a way they can understand, whether it’s the CFO or safety manager, shipper, driver, or insurer. Athena is designed to pull all of trucking’s data into one platform and then publish that wisdom on demand.”
Besides gathering data from public sources, Vigillo will be working with other industry data sources—such as legal, training, and onboard system providers—to capture relevant data from a variety of integrated channels, and join them in a cohesive business intelligence environment. Initial reports will be presented in a set of about 30 customizable dashboards for effectively managing safety, operations, sales, maintenance, fuel purchasing, and driver recruiting and retention.
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