Goodyear provides new RoadService App

You’re a truck driver whose rig has experienced a tire-related issue and is stuck on the side of the highway. You need to get back on the road quickly.

Imagine having the ability to instantly connect with Goodyear FleetHQ, which offers emergency roadside service, simply by touching the screen of an Android or iPhone. The new Goodyear RoadService App makes this possible.

The RoadService App can be downloaded to Androids  from Google’s Play Store and to iPhones from Apple’s App Store, at no charge.

Goodyear-FleetHQ Solution Center professionals will locate the nearest Goodyear commercial tire dealership and dispatch a tire service technician with the right tire and adequate equipment to the truck’s location. The technician will assess the truck’s tire condition and render appropriate service.

Goodyear-FleetHQ provides a roll-time average of just two hours and 11 minutes from the moment a truck driver contacts the 24/7 Solution Center to the moment his or her truck returns to service.

The RoadService App also contains a “My Information” feature that allows drivers, when appropriate, to enter vital information like tractor and trailer unit numbers and other data before they contact the Solution Center.

The app also lets users search for nearby Goodyear commercial truck tire dealerships and provides information about products, services, and hours of operation.

To learn more, visit

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