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About Us

Refrigerated Transporter is the information source for those involved in the transportation and distribution of refrigerated products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals, from film and cosmetics to chemicals. It provides practical information derived from the experience of businesses in the field as well as up-to-the-minute news on developments and equipment for the industry.

Refrigerated Transporter focuses on the information needed by truck fleets, warehousemen, shippers, and distributors in the frozen and perishable food logistics chain to ensure safe, efficient operation at the lowest possible cost and the highest possible service level.

Reaching a specific audience

  • Private and For-hire carriers
  • Transport and distribution of refrigerated and frozen commodities
  • Coverage across North America

Providing necessary and useful information

  • Reports on refrigerated fleets, equipment, and industry regulations
  • Facility best-practices and helpful operating strategies
  • Up-to-date Fleet Service Directories and Buyer's Guide

Matching the media to fit the need

  • Website—Updated daily with industry news. Includes fleet service directories, a Refrigerated Fleet Equipment Buyer's Guide, and an extensive archive of feature articles and reports.
  • E-Newsletter—Top news delivered to opt-in subscribers every week
  • Printed supplements—We publish two annual supplements that include feature articles and reports as well fleet service directories and a fleet equipment buyer's guide.