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Access Kidron roll-up doors, parts quickly

Kidron has established a “quick availability” program for popular brands of insulated roll-up doors, panels, and accessory parts for most OEM brands of truck bodies and trailers.

The firm has an inventory of both TODCO and Whiting insulated doors and components. Insulated doors and panels are available for virtually all brands of trailers and truck bodies, not just Kidron's own refrigerated distribution products.

Available TODCO panels include the 1⅛" Polarguard in 11" or 15" sizes and the 2½" Polarguard panels in 12" or 15" sizes. Whiting panels include the 1½" Tempguard in 135/16" and 155/16" sizes and the 2" Coldsaver panels in 12½" and 14½" sizes.

Bottom panels on TODCO doors can be equipped with a Lifeguard lock or Max Security lock assemblies. The bottom panels of Whiting doors can include Tempguard or Lock Assembly Coldsaver. Complete TODCO and Whiting doors can be ordered to meet customers' dimensions.

For more information, phone Kidron's parts department at 800-334-2296 or fax 330-857-8451. For more information about Kidron products, consult the web site at

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