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Acquisition of GNB Boosts Exide Market Share

Exide Corp has completed its acquisition of GNB Technologies Industrial Battery Co. A manufacturer and marketer of batteries, Exide will realize about $3.2 billion in annual revenues and will rank either first or second in market share in both industrial and transportation battery sales.

Exide is now structured in five global business units (GBUs):

  • GNB Industrial Power GBU (the former GNB Technologies Industrial Battery), with its network power and motive power divisions, headquartered in Lombard IL.

  • Network Power GBU, based in Budingen, Germany.

  • Motive Power GBU, based in Manchester, England.

  • Specialty Products & Emerging Technologies GBU, based in Paris, France.

  • Transportation GBU, based in Atlanta GA.

GNB Industrial Power will continue to market its Champion brand, sealed, maintenance-free batteries and its GNB and Pacific Chloride flooded batteries for electric lift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

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