Active Cooling Helps Lengthen Battery Life

An actively cooled, 48-volt, sealed lift truck battery has been developed by GNB Industrial Power to help users achieve maximum useful life from these batteries.

GNB has developed a cooling system that activates two fans while charging to reduce the battery's average temperature. Tests show that the active cooling system controls battery temperature within an acceptable range for optimum life.

The new Champion battery has an air-gapped tray, two industrial-grade fans, and a battery voltage indicator. Fans and indicator are integral to the tray cover. The fans are activated when the battery is charged and continues to cool the battery as long as it remains fully charged outside the lift truck compartment. The system will not normally activate once the battery is placed in service and connected to the lift truck. For full details, contact GNB, 3459 Washington Dr #105, Eagan MN 55122.

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