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Air dryer goes modular to cut maintenance

The Bendix AD-IS is an integrated-solution air dryer that combines charging system components in a modular design, simplifying installation and maintenance, and reducing weight.

AD-IS incorporates four pressure protection valves in the air dryer module instead of being remotely mounted on the system reservoirs. This configuration facilitates direct plumbing and direct charging of the vehicle accessories from the air dryer.

Because of self-contained purge volume, the air system reservoirs maintain constant pressure during the purge cycle and are dedicated to air system operations. With system air pressure of up to 135 psi, the AD-IS provides extra braking reserve.

AD-IS can decrease the number of major components by as much as 56%, reduce pneumatic line count by 44%, and minimize total pneumatic connections by 50% compared with a typical charging system. All subcomponents of the air dryer module can be individually maintained.

The dryer's modular design employs a spin-on desiccant cartridge that can be changed in less than 10 minutes. This dryer is warranted for three years or 360,000 miles.

For complete details, contact Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

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