Air-Weigh weighs in with two new scales

A new in-dash 2" LCD “complete truck scale in a gauge” and a stand-alone Trailer Payload Scale for end-dumps are provided by Air-Weigh Scales.

The 2" gauge-type LCD display includes all the functionality of its AW5750 series of truck and trailer scales and is a direct replacement for analog air gauges.

The new Trailer Payload Scale was designed for end-dump operators who desire a trailer-only scale that will provide the payload weight of each load. With the weight display mounted on the front of the trailer, the scale combines the weight on the hydraulic lifting cylinder with the weight on the trailer air suspension to determine payload weight. Each payload scale has its own alarm circuit.

All Air-Weigh truck and trailer scales feature a keypad and LCD display screen, so the operator can weigh and calibrate a truck or a trailer even if the other part of the combination rig is not equipped with a scale. The trailer axle weight scale has pre-calibration menus available for most popular trailer suspensions, so the operator can select the suspension model during set-up and the scale immediately displays the actual on-the-ground weight to within 300 pounds (135 kg) of a DOT scale.

Air-Weigh trailer scales are calibrated to the specific characteristics of each manufacturer's trailer and display weights in 20 pound or kilogram increments. The scale is environmentally sealed and is mounted on a frame rail or optional bracket for easy viewing. Measuring 6.5" × 3" × 1.7", the entire scale system weighs less than 3 pounds.

For more details, contact Air-Weigh, 1730 Willow Creek Circle, Eugene OR 97402.

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