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Airgo tire inflation system stresses safety

Airgo Systems has unveiled the Airgo constant tire inflation system with stationary hub components and a venting process that does not jeopardize wheel end components.

The system is engineered to provide the safest possible method of transferring air to damaged or compromised tires. A case-hardened steel and carbon graphite rotary seal is installed outside the hub and vents externally. External venting eliminates the risk of hub pressurization, which lets fleet maintenance professionals maintain proper inflation levels without jeopardizing wheel-end components.

This system's patented, removable expansion plug for sealing the axle installs in less than two hours, does not require special tools, and can be removed for periodic cleaning of the axle. Airgo is compatible with all hubcap configurations (oil and grease) and axle specifications (pressurized and non-pressurized).

All hubcap components are sealed to eliminate water or debris from entering the hub area. The system's electrical switch is environmentally sealed, providing protection from the elements and eliminating dangerous spiking and sparks.

Airgo's engineering team designed a stationary system with no moving components in the hub area. The system has undergone tests including pressure washing, environmental, pressure relief, water immersion, rotary seal wear, flow, and expansion plug. This design is backed by a five-year, unlimited-miles warranty.

For more details, phone Airgo at 877-550-6111 or access

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