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AIRSIS to market Integral flat panel antenna

Integral Technologies Inc has entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with AIRSIS LLC for the right to market and manufacture Integral's Segmented Planar Antenna with Built-in Ground Plane (United States patent number 6,717,550).

This small, low-profile antenna is designed to serve Orbcomm-based telematics applications. At a height of less than one inch, Integral's flat panel antenna addresses the demand for a low-profile antenna for trailer tracking and other applications with low clearance requirements.

Integral's plastic “ruggedized” antenna, measures 13.25" by 9.90" and .870" in height. The term “ruggedized” describes the durability of this antenna, including its ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions while enduring shock and vibration elements. Its main use is in mobile asset tracking and fleet management.

AIRSIS provides wireless asset tracking, fleet management, and security systems to commercial and government clients worldwide.

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