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Alcoa updates catalog with retail price list

The newest edition of the Alcoa Wheel Products Accessories Catalog now comes with a current retail price list. Prices continue to be available from the online shop at and from authorized Alcoa warehouse distributors.

This catalog showcases accessories that complement Alcoa one-piece forged aluminum wheels. For heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and buses, Alcoa makes accessories such as Alcoa hub cover systems, DiscMate wheel spacers, and valve stems. For pickups, sport utility vehicles, and recreational vehicles, Alcoa offers nuts, nut covers, and axle end covers.

Visitors to the online shop at can answer a survey and get a free gift. Online orders earn additional shipping and discount savings.

For more information on Alcoa wheels and accessories, contact Alcoa Wheel Products, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105 or phone 800-242-9898.

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