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Alternator accommodates dual-temp units

Robert Bosch Corp has developed a new, more powerful alternator for trucks equipped with dual-temperature refrigeration units. The high-output alternator ((AL9120N) produces 120 amps and is intended as a replacement alternator for refrigeration units that have dual temperature zones.

These 120-amp replacement alternators will easily accommodate 24/7 operations, plus provide more power to handle automatic liftgates and other accessories, according to Bosch's Fred Padgett.

“Bosch manufactures the alternators used on the original equipment, and if a vehicle is equipped with a refrigerated unit, the OE version normally comes in 37 or 65 amps,” said Padgett. “The new 120-amp Bosch unit, which physically appears identical to the earlier OE units, has nearly double the capacity. It also produces a higher output at lower engine speeds.”

“Cut-in speed for the new alternator is 1250 rpm,” Padgett said. “It also has heavy-duty, high-tolerance bearings, a sealed brush box, Zener diode rectifier plates, and a single mounting foot,” Padgett said.

Bosch also offers a high-output 90-amp refrigeration alternator (AL929N) as a direct replacement for the original alternator. Access for more information.

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